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Gifted Education

Two half days a week are devoted to exciting courses for gifted students. In small groups led by specialists, students learn about, develop and deepen their talents through project-orientated exploration and experimentation. Take a peek here:


KiTs Talent Courses in Cooperation with EHK

A stress-free environment, creative thinking and talent development, holistic learning and living


We have opened our remedial course offerings to “external” students since 2022. In collaboration with KinderUni® and EHK Parents' Association of Gifted Children Switzerland. If you are interested, please contact our office at, 071 920 02 11.

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In collaboration with the Parents' Association of Highly Gifted Children.

The Parents Association of Gifted Children Switzerland (EHK) is committed to reducing prejudices against giftedness in society, school and family and is generally involved in the concerns of families with gifted children. > More information about EHK

Programmes for gifted and highly gifted children and young people.

Check out our Projects

First semester courses
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                     Team Gifted Programmes

Team Begabtenförderung
Micheal Strehl.jpg
Michael S..jpg

Michael Strehl

Co-principal and

Upper School Teacher

Simon Hagmann sw web.jpg
Simon Hagmann fun sw web.jpg

Simon Hagmann

Music teacher

Selina Kramer 2021 sw.jpeg
funportraits - 15.jpeg

Selina Kramer

Project teacher

michael-westbook_sw web.jpg
michael-westbook_fun sw web.jpg

Christian Westbrook

Project teacher

Margarita Marcès.jpg
Margarita M..jpg

Margarita Marcès

Upper School Teacher

Sahar Kilani_standard_swJPG.JPG
Sahar Kilani_standard_swJPG.JPG

Sahar Kilani

French Teacher

_fun_portraits - 23.jpeg

Roger Szilagyi

Project teacher

Marina_Spasic_sw web.jpg
Marina_Spasic_fun web.jpg

Marina Spasic

Project teacher

Fabio Bügler.jpg
Fabio B..jpg

Fabio Bügler

Upper School Teacher

Lisa Moran.jpg
Lisa M..jpg

Lisa Shanahan

Middle School Teacher

Evelyne Brugger sw web.jpg
Evelyne Brugger fun sw web.jpg

Evelyne Brugger

Project teacher

Mario Piredda-sw web.jpg
Mario Piredda fun sw web.jpg

Mario Piredda

Project teacher

Judith Eberhardt - 5_sw.jpg
Judith Eberhardt - 11_funny_sw.jpg

Judith Eberhardt

Upper School Teacher

Betsy sw.jpeg
Betsy funny sw.jpeg

Betsy von Atzigen

Middle and Upper

School Teacher

Vesna Westbrook sw web.jpg
Vesna Westbrook fun sw web.jpg

Vesna Westbrook

Project teacher

Ella Hagmann sw web.jpg
Ella Hagmann fun sw web.jpg

Ella Hagmann


Chat live with us!

We’re happy to take your questions on the phone
at 071 920 01 22 or via the Contact Form. 

We're here for you.

Janine Spoeri Website.jpg
Gabriela F..jpg
Janine Spoeri Website.jpg

Janine Spöri

Head of Administration and
Human Resources

Arian Eljmazi sw web.jpg
Michael S..jpg
Arian Eljmazi fun sw web.jpg

Arian Eljmazi

Administration Trainee

Gabriela F..jpg
 martin fun_sw_web_edited.png

Martin Auricht


Leana Rutz sw web_edited.jpg
Michael S..jpg
Leana Rutz_Fun sw web.jpg

Leana Rutz

Administration Trainee

Marina_Spasic_sw web.jpg
Michael S..jpg
Marina_Spasic_fun web.jpg

Marina Spasic


Michael S..jpg

Ayana Welte

Administration Trainee

Thanks very much!

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