KiTs Bilingual Dayschool in Wil SG is a recognized dayschool by the canton of St. Gallen which specializes in the use of individualized learning plans. We use a holistic approach to support children of average intelligence to intellectually gifted.

The natural curiosity of the children is used to stimulate and motivate their interest inside the classroom. The goal is to create a lively and integrated learning environment where each child feels comfortable and welcomed. Not only are the children’s intellectual needs supported, but their emotional and social skills are developed as well. The small number of students makes it possible for our teachers to approach and inspire every child, and to help them become independent learners.

The lessons take into account the talents, stage of development and learning speed of each child. The curiosity and joy of learning are awakened and self-confidence is strengthened by the successes experienced. Thanks to the bilingual speaking learning environment, the children absorb a second language, much like they would their mother tongue.

Day structure
Through the combination of lessons and free time, the school applies hands-on methods. The shared free time over lunch and optional supervised time before/after school offer additional opportunities for developing social learning processes. The dayschool structure also provides relief for working parents. External children can also join our supervised lunch and/or after school programs upon arrangement.

The small groups make it possible to encourage all children individually. During additional gifted learning lessons, knowledge is deepened in a variety of learning areas.

Through independent exploration, experimentation and exchange of knowledge, the true potential of each child’s talents begin to unfold. The additional intensive learning lessons are also open for external children.

KiTs is a certified private school by the Department of Education in the Canton of St. Gallen. We follow the St. Gallen curriculum and provide the same opportunities and qualifications that can be found at other St. Gallen public schools. Changing to a public school or applying to an additional training program is possible with the education achieved at KiTs.