Mittelstufe 2

KiTs Bilingual Dayschool in Wil SG is a recognized dayschool by the canton of St. Gallen which specializes in the use of individualized learning plans. We use a holistic approach to support children of average intelligence to intellectually gifted.

The natural curiosity of the children is used to stimulate and motivate their interest inside the classroom. The goal is to create a lively and integrated learning environment where each child feels comfortable and welcomed. Not only are the children’s intellectual needs supported, but their emotional and social skills are developed as well. The small number of students makes it possible for our teachers to approach and inspire every child, and to help them become independent learners.

Integrated learning
In the classroom, learning is made possible through mental, emotional and physical experiences. Integrated, energetic lessons oriented towards the pupils interests, knowledge and needs help encourage problem solving skills and creative, critical thinking. Our qualified teachers motivate, guide, and give feedback to your child each step of the way. Learning is assessed through a variety of formats as your child learns how to tackle their own problems. 

Stress-free learning environment at the KiTs
We believe that every child has the right to work in a stress free environment that accepts them for who they are and takes into account their individual needs, without prejudice and comparison. To help create such an environment, we have mixed age classes where students can work at their own pace according to their specific learning goals. In addition, teachers place great emphasis on the development of communication and emotional intelligence. The dayschool philosophy and structure allows the students to interact with each other in a friendly, open-minded manner, even outside school hours.

Bilingualism and the encouragement of giftedness
Small children take up foreign languages without difficulty and can speak without an accent. As many children as possible should be allowed to benefit from this advantage. Moreover, the learning of languages encourages the entire intellectual development of small children. For gifted children, learning a second language provides additional incentives and challenges. It has been found that children who are under-stimulated in school are particularly responsive to a multilingual environment. For this reason, even students with no prior knowledge of the second language can be easily immersed in a bilingual classroom. Of course, care is taken that the child experiences the new situation as a playful challenge without burden or stress.

Learning and living in one
The dayschool structure offers the possibility to experience the different areas of education, play, sport and musical activities as one entity. Through the combination of lessons and leisure, the school becomes a familiar, homely place where an integrated teaching approach is possible. How pupils are engaged during their free time can be integrated into the classroom and can even be used as a study point for one of our project lessons. The dayschool structure makes the school feel like a second family where social relationships play an important role. Our community awareness is deepened during the time we spend together, our lunchtime meals and throughout the day.