KiTs Bilingual Dayschool in Wil SG is a recognized dayschool by the canton of St. Gallen which specializes in the use of individualized learning plans. We use a holistic approach to support children of average intelligence to intellectually gifted.

The natural curiosity of the children is used to stimulate and motivate their interest inside the classroom. The goal is to create a lively and integrated learning environment where each child feels comfortable and welcomed. Not only are the children’s intellectual needs supported, but their emotional and social skills are developed as well. The small number of students makes it possible for our teachers to approach and inspire every child, and to help them become independent learners.

Gifted pupils are different
If a child proves to be underperforming or has a lack of aptitude, they receive compassion and help. But how about a child who is capable of performing above the average standards? Practice shows that they are often not given any special support or recognition. In many cases, they are expected to follow the norm and behave like everyone else. However, as they are indeed different, they are often unable to adapt to these expectations. If they are motivated, they participate actively in the classroom and often out perform their peers. Unfortunately however, this can arouse envy or anger, as their peers exclude them as being a “know-it-all” or “nerd”. If they are bored and disrupt the lessons, they become unpopular disturbances. Some children feel different, excluded and misunderstood. In the long run, such a situation means stress and has negative consequences.

Independent, individual learning
Learning is achieved through the guided support, motivation, and feedback from our qualified teachers and staff. The use of a variety of assessment tools and strategies help the students tackle and solve problems at their own pace. At KiTs we encourage students to think and learn independently. Independent learning is different from self-directed learning! We work with your child to plan, choose and give deadlines to individual learning goals by taking into account their individual interests and capabilities. The individualized lessons serve as the optimal support for each pupil. Further intellectual, emotional and physical learning is achieved through our integrated, motivational classroom setting aimed towards the students’ abilities and interests.